At Southeast New Mexico College (SENMC), we are interested in continuously improving the educational process to better serve students. As a student at SENMC involved in this process you can expect to participate in the following assessment activities during your attendance:
  • ACCUPLACER Placement Tests to place you in appropriate math, English, and reading courses, and to correlate with CAAP when you graduate.
  • Course Activities to assess your learning in individual courses.
  • Program Outcomes Assessment Activities that might include portfolios, interviews, papers, exams, etc., depending on your college major.
  • ETS Proficiency Profile for all AA and AS degree graduates to assess learning and knowledge gained from your experience at SENMC.
  • Surveys at various times to get your feedback for improvement.
For further information, contact your department chair.
  • Assessment at SENMC
  • Assessment Committee
  • Assessment Committee Goals & Objectives
  • Assessment Committee Structure & Operations
  • Course Level Assessment
  • Measurable Course Outcomes Assessment
  • General Education Core Competencies Assessment
  • State Common Core Assessment
  • Program Level Assessment
  • Academic Program Outcomes & Assessment
  • Institutional Level Assessment
  • ETS Proficiency Profile