Academic Support Services

Adult Education

The Adult Education (A.E) Division offers adults the opportunity to begin and/or complete a basic education through the twelfth grade. A.E also provides a variety of educational programs and students support services that can help individuals achieve their goals and transition to college. A complete education improves one’s opportunity for obtaining or retaining employment and/or going to college and can provide a person with a sense of accomplishment. A.E instructional programs and classes include basic literacy, English as a second language (at various levels), EL/Civics, GED®/HiSET (high school equivalency diploma), college preparation, U.S. citizenship, computer literacy and work readiness. Practical living skills, employment and training and student success principles are also emphasized throughout the A.E curriculum. Student support services include basic skills assessments, student orientations, self-paced studies, advising and referral services, student success skills, tutoring on an individual and small-group basis and assistance with college transition. For more information about the A.E programs, visit us at the A E Office at Southeast New Mexico College; room 207; call (575) 234-9250 or email us at or

Apprenticeship Program

The Manufacturing Sector Development Program (MSDP) in conjunction with local employers offers apprenticeships to current students.  The objective of the Apprentice Program is to train individuals in the field of Industrial Maintenance Electrical in all phases of the industry through a well-developed, on-the-job and instructional program.

Recognizing the need for skilled construction craftsmen in Eddy, Chaves, and Lea Counties, the Carlsbad Community Development Corporation established the Multi-trade Apprenticeship Standards to be used by all of its members, including contractors, manufacturers and businesses that utilize people in occupations that can be learned through apprenticeship and wish to employ apprentices.  For additional information contact the MSDP Department at Southeast New Mexico College, room 227B or call (575) 234-9271.

Citizen's Professional Advisory Councils

The Citizen’s Professional Advisory Councils “CPAC” represents individual community stakeholder groups primarily aligned with workforce and academic instructional areas of the college. CPAC gives community stakeholders a chance to influence the college’s role in the community and communicate the needs of individual organizations and business as they relate to the college. Advisory Councils are comprised of local employers and organizational representatives and involve valued constituencies in SENMC’s planning for the educational needs of its students. Again, CPAC events allow the college and its community stakeholders to gather together to communicate external stakeholder wants and needs. CPAC members come from the business community, public education, law enforcement, research laboratories, government agencies, private industry, media, etc. CPAC events occur twice a year and includes dinner, breakout sessions, focus groups, etc.

Community Education

SENMC Community Education offers lifelong learning to individuals of all ages seeking educational options for the purpose of personal enrichment and self-improvement. Personal enrichment courses offered are in topics such as art, music, cooking, pottery, computer skills, yoga and welding. Course instructors include retired professionals, SENMC faculty, and business owners. The courses are affordable and can be taken in several hours to several weeks on our campus. Additionally, taking classes with SENMC Community Education allows the student to meet other people with the interest or hobby they would like to pass on. If someone is interested in teaching a class with Community Education, that person should call (575) 234-9247 or (575) 234-9211 or visit the Community Education Office on campus in Office 1A.

Developmental Programs and Services

The mission of the Developmental Education Program at SENMC is to help students cultivate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for success in college-level curriculum by providing quality instruction and academic support that encourages students to be active participants in the learning process.

New students are placed into developmental education courses based on their ACT and/or Accuplacer placement testing scores. The course placement level is determined based on system wide standardized “cut-off” scores. The university strongly recommends that all required developmental education coursework be started during the first year of enrollment.

Students must pass all developmental coursework with a grade of “C” or higher, in order to move on to the next course in the sequence. Students who earn less than a “C” in a course will be required to repeat that course and must obtain the required minimum grade before moving to the next course in the sequence. Please note that credit earned in developmental coursework is not applied toward any degree or certificate at SENMC, but completion of developmental coursework may be a requirement for any degree or certificate. Credit for developmental coursework is included in the credit calculations for financial aid. Most developmental courses are offered for 4 credits, which includes 3 credits of instruction and 1 credit of laboratory time to practice skills taught during instruction. A variety of course instructional formats may be offered. Please refer to the semester course schedule or visit the L.A.C. for more information regarding specifics for each course section.

Course List
Prefix Title Credits
Developmental Reading Courses
CCDR 105 N Fundamentals of Academic Reading. 3
CCDS 109 N Study Skills for Reading 1
CCDR 110 N Effective College Reading 3
Developmental English Courses
CCDE 105 N Effective Communication Skills 4
CCDS 113 N Study Skills for English 1-3
Developmental Math Courses
CCDM 105 N Mathematics Preparation and Pre-Algebra 5
CCDM 114 N Algebra Skills 4
Tutorial/Skills Courses
FYEX 1131 Personal Learning Skills I 1 1
FYEX 1996 Special Topics 2
Approved FYEX Elective 1
College-Level English Courses
ENGL 1110G Composition I 2 4
College-Level Math Courses
MATH 1134 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I 3
MATH 1130G Survey of Mathematics 3
MATH 1215 Intermediate Algebra 3
MATH 1220G College Algebra 3
Approved MATH Elective 3

1Requires the student to design a curriculum of study to meet individualized learning goals. Graded on an S/U scale, based on the number of hours completed and amount of progress made during the semester. Students must contact the Tutor Coordinator in the L.A.C. prior to the start of the semester to receive additional information and sign a contract agreement that stipulates the number of required hours and dictates the curriculum to be followed. This course may be repeated in subsequent semesters for a maximum of 3 credits.

2This course is required for all degree programs. This course should be taken only by those who either initially “placed” into the course (by placement testing) or by those concurrently enrolled in CCDS 113 N Study Skills for English.

Developmental Courses and Course Sequence

Before students enroll for any college level course listed above, they should have satisfied the following requirements:

  1. have taken and passed any stated prerequisite course with a grade of “C” or better, or
  2. have taken the placement examination earlier, the result of which must affirm a student’s placement at a college course level.

Courses beyond the developmental level may or may not be degree required (check the degree plan first).

Learning Assistance Center

The Learning Assistance Center (L.A.C.) provides instructional support for students at SENMC. The goals of the L.A.C. include tutoring students for a wide variety of developmental and college level courses, helping students improve their study and learning skills, and connecting students to the network of support available at the university and within the community.

 The L.A.C. oversees the following:

Services: Individual and Group Tutoring: Scheduled academic course assistance by qualified tutors for a wide variety of courses. Visit the L.A.C. for more information. Math tutoring for all CCDM and MATH courses through MATH 1220G College Algebra.

Learning and Study Skills: Assistance with a variety of needs from learning style assessment to time management. Visit the L.A.C. for more information.

Test Prep: Tutoring, books and online preparation for Accuplacer, ACT and HESI.

All services are offered free of charge to qualified SENMC students. Courses are offered for credit and adhere to the college tuition schedule. Students must be admitted to SENMC to access all services and courses.

For more information about these services or its offerings, call (575) 234-9315, visit the L.A.C. in Room 253 or visit our website at The L.A.C. hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and the hours on Friday is 8 a.m. to 12 noon; during the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer hours are determined at the end of the spring semester.

Learning Technology Center

Our mission is to support faculty, students, and staff in technology learning activities.

We stay apprised of the latest technology advancements and usage; we teach our campus technology users with cutting edge learning technology. We aim to enhance our student body’s education by providing the best assistance in technology use and learning.   We foster quality digital learning that embraces diversity and engagement in our campus and community.  Our objectives are training in Canvas (LMS) for all courses in different teaching modalities; offering course development and design for faculty; providing academic support of online technologies; training for students in any academic technological needs for content area classes; presenting various campus-wide Professional Development activities.

Contact information: (575)234-9259 | (575)234-9251 | (575)234-9263
Main Building, Room 211. 

Computer Center

The Computer Center at SENMC operates four instructional computer classrooms and general use computer labs in the Library, Learning Technology Center and the Learning Assistance Center. All computers are networked and provide access to the Internet. The Center maintains a staff of full time and student employees to provide users with technical support. The ICT general Help Desk phone number is (575) 234-9448.

Student Computer AccountsAll students enrolled for credit courses are given a computer account that allows them access to the Internet during the semester(s) in which they are enrolled. This account also allows a student access to server based storage for homework. If you are experiencing trouble with Canvas or Banner access, please call the LTC at (575) 234-9263 or (575) 234-9259.


A center of academic activity, the Library and Media Center is the first choice for information for students at SENMC. The campus library supports learning and instruction with online and traditional learning resources. The library ensures equal access to learners across the spectrum of educational level, physical ability and location. General and discipline based instruction is available for classes, individual students and faculty by appointment.

Through active collaboration with faculty, the library offers academic and vocational resources relevant to student achievement and success. Information literacy training is embedded into the physical and on-line learning environments to ensure technological readiness vital to personal and professional achievement in today’s global economy.

The library is an open, vibrant and student centered environment that encourages discovery and academic advancement through active learning. Remote access to selected online resources is available to current students, faculty and staff.

The library also serves as a public gateway for the Carlsbad and Eddy county communities by providing access to both print and specific online resources delivered through the State Library of New Mexico.

The library is located in room 206 on the SENMC campus. For more information,  please contact us at (575) 234-9333, email us at, or visit

The library follows the SENMC academic calendar and institution holiday closures

SENMC Bookstore

The SENMC BOOKSTORE, located in the main building of the campus, is open not only the campus, but to the surrounding communities of Carlsbad, Loving and Artesia.  The bookstore offers a wide variety of fresh, quick snacks and lunch items. For students who need supplies, including flash drives, calculators and planners, the bookstore is well stocked. Campus bookstores always have the best spirit clothing, drinkware and gifts, and SENMC BOOKSTORE is the only store that features SENMC logo items.  SENMC Customers who prefer to place orders over the phone, may also take advantage of curb pick up.

For the first time on this campus, the SENMC BOOKSTORE is pleased to welcome the community to our General Reading department.  The Bookstore offers, not only Best Sellers, but New Releases which are updated weekly.  The Children’s section features Caldecott and Newberry award winners and grade specific workbooks.  For students needing test preps and Study Aid, the SENMC BOOKSTORE is the place to shop. If bookstore customers need to place a special order, please take advantage of our free special order services.

All textbooks that have been adopted for classes are available online through the main campus Follet SENMC Bookstore.  Textbooks ordered online, requesting store pick up, will be available at the SENMC BOOKSTORE for student convenience.

Service Learning Opportunities

A variety of SENMC courses may include Service Learning options. Service learning programs involve students in activities that address local needs while developing their academic skills and commitment to their community. Service Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that connects meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. Participants in Service Learning master important curriculum content by making connections between what they are studying in the SENMC classroom and its many applications. The four pillars of Service Learning are:

  • the academic focus in the SENMC classroom,
  • the service that meets a community need,
  • reflecting on the experience, and
  • strengthened civic responsibility.

For more information on Service Learning Opportunities at SENMC call (575) 234-9247 or visit the Community Education Office on campus in office 1A.

Small Business Development Center

“We are committed to providing quality direct assistance, entrepreneurial education, and resource information for potential and existing small businesses to strengthen the economy of Eddy County in New Mexico.”

What can the SBDC do for you?

The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) located on the SENMC campus provides free, confidential counseling to small business owners and prospective entrepreneurs in the areas of business planning, evaluation, marketing, management, financial analysis and loan package organization.

Our uniquely qualified staff provides professional, one-on-one client centered counseling for all aspects of starting and managing a business, as well as collaborating on the identification of solutions to challenges faced by existing business owners and entrepreneurs.  We specialize in individual advising, offering services paid for by the State of New Mexico and Small Business Administration (SBA) in a confidential environment.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday: 8 am – 5:30 pm
Friday: 8 am-Noon (Remote Counseling)
By Appointment Only

Student Organizations

American Criminal Justice Association (Beta Alpha Delta): SENMC supports the Beta Alpha Delta Chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association/Lambda Alpha Epsilon. The Association is a National Criminal Justice professional-type fraternity. The college has a very active chapter that raises funds to attend regional and national conferences/competitions, perform community service projects, campus service projects and have fun.

Membership in the association gives the student an opportunity to improve their C J skills and knowledge, network with people from all over the United States and further criminal justice professionalism. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in Criminal Justice. There are three levels of participation for competition purposes: lower division academic, upper division academic, and professional. For further information, contact Karima Mourhat at

Equality Club: Equality Club is committed to the wellness and success of all students, faculty, and staff in their expression of gender and sexuality at SENMC. Equality Club meets to provide a safe space to gather and promote advocacy, education and programming within SENMC and the community.  Our Mission is to promote diversity and inclusion at SENMC. For more information, contact

E-Sports: Esports, an open-membership SENMC club will grow in members while being academically conscience and community-minded as to demonstrate that gaming is a skill-based and critical-thinking team sport. For more information, contact Freddy Espino at

Phi Theta KappaPhi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for two-year colleges, emphasizing leadership, scholarship and service. To be eligible for membership, students must have a 3.5 GPA, completed a minimum of 12 credits of non-developmental coursework, be of good character, and be recommended by faculty. A one-time membership fee of $65 is required. Members are eligible for special conferences, workshops, and scholarships.

Student GovernmentThe Student Government of SENMC are elected by and represent the student body.  During the spring semester, SENMC holds an election and the newly elected members serve during the next academic year (summer sessions excluded).  The Student Government coordinates campus activities and hosts events on student development issues such as drug and alcohol abuse prevention, suicide prevention, mental and physical wellness, leadership, and cultural diversity.

Student Government is open to any student meeting the following qualifications:  Enrolled in a minimum of 6-semester credits, possessing a 2.0 grade point average or higher, and in good standing with SENMC. Responsibilities of the Student Government include but are not limited to identifying qualifications for the recognition of student organizations and related funding, student social activities, student activity budgets, student publications, student elections, students’ academic freedoms, and the use of facilities dedicated for student’s social, cultural, recreational and service activities. Students are encouraged to join and actively participate in the student government.  For more information, call Judi Cox-Tindol at (575) 234-9335.

Skills USAA national non-profit student organization, Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. Activities include; participating in state conventions each year, Membership is open to any interested student. A $20 membership fee applies each year.

Student Nurses AssociationThe SENMC Student Nurses Association is an organization for nursing students designed to contribute to nursing education, to provide programs representative of the fundamental interests and concerns of nursing students and to aid nursing students in the development of the whole person, and to promote and encourage collaborative relationships with nursing and health-related organizations. Membership is open to pre and current nursing students. For more information, call (575) 234- 9300.

Note:  This list of Student Organizations could change as students are always welcome to create additional organizations and clubs.

Video Conferencing and ITV

Video conferencing services, including two way interactive televisions, are also provided for staff and community organizations through the Help Desk in the Business Office. To schedule a computer classroom or a video conferencing room contact the Help Desk at (575) 234-9406.